We have a current waiting list for under twos with next availability in 2023.


We at Sand Dunes recognise the importance in the environment we provide for our infants, children, families and staff. Our point of difference is our homely environment that represents our teaching philosophy. We provide an environment that empowers our children to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging enabling them to be confident and competent learners.

We pride ourselves in providing a tidy, organised and stimulating environment that is rich in literacy and creativity. We believe in providing an environment that is child initiated, developmentally appropriate yet challenging in body and mind.

Our indoor environment is warm, welcoming, busy yet calm and expresses a home like atmosphere. The environment is set up to encourage a choice of core play experiences where play and creativity is encouraged constructively. We believe children’s play is their “work” and so value the importance of free play in a safe and secure environment.

Our outdoor environment is equally important as our inside environment. We have an open door policy at Sand Dunes where the outdoor environment is valued as an extension of the inside. Daily the outdoors is used as a learning journey where our children engage in gross motor skills, exploration, gardening, water play, sand play, carpentry, creative art experiences, nature discoveries and many more exciting things. We believe in a ‘kiwi kids’ love to learn natural environment. We believe in learning respect for our environment and we pride ourselves in being able to provide an exciting, variable, open and natural outdoor play environment to our families.

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