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Food & Nutrition

  • Sand Dunes Early Learning Centre is committed to providing information and a programme that promotes healthy eating habits, positive health issues and a positive awareness about the needs of the human body.

  • We believe as educators that we play an integral role in promoting healthy eating as an important aspect of our lives. Staff undertake professional development in nutrition, when available and this learning will be shared with children, parents, whanau, staff and the wider community. We will keep up to date on current research in regards to healthy eating.

  • All food preparation and storage hygiene are of a high standard. The centre cook will hold a valid food safety and hygiene certificate.

  • The centre will provide a well balanced nutritional weekly menu that is tasty, meets the Healthy Heart Foundation’s Healthy Heart Award guidelines.

  • Safe and appetising food for the children that meets the Nutrition Guidelines for babies and Toddlers and children 2-12 years will be provided. All meals and snacks meet the quality objectives from the ‘Nutritional guidelines for Under Five’s. The menu includes at least fifty per cent of the recommended serves in each food group. There is a five plus a day focus on increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables into children’s diet.

  • Sand Dunes Early Learning Centre is a nut free zone, so therefore no nuts, peanuts or peanut butter will be kept on the premises.

  • The menu rotates on a four weekly cycle and is displayed in the kai room, in the kitchen and on the centre website.

  • Children with cultural or special dietary and allergy food requirements are respected and catered to – consultation occurs with parents/whanau of these children and all staff is familiar with these requirements. Food allergy information is displayed on the wall in the kai room and in the kitchen for the information and education of staff.

  • Children’s food likes and dislikes are respected however they are encouraged to try and experience new foods. Withholding food will not be used as a form of punishment.

  • Water will be provided at all times. Children are required to bring a named drink bottle to the centre so independence is encouraged. Milk is offered at all meal times.

  • An enjoyable environment will be created at meal times that promote fun and healthy eating.

  • A Karakia will be said before all meals which all the children and teachers are involved in.

  • Staff will role model healthy eating to our children and social interaction is a focus during this time.

  • Every child and staff will use good food hygiene and washing practices.

  • Staff will sit with children at meal times and role model healthy eating and table manners (see meal time expectations).

  • Children will be encouraged to develop good eating skills, table manners and will be given plenty of time to eat.

  • Children will be involved in food preparation and baking.

  • Children attending in the morning will be encouraged to start the day with breakfast. Staff and parents will work together to ensure that children have a healthy and nutritional breakfast.

  • Activities that focus on food and nutrition will be incorporated into the centre’s daily programme.

  • Children and staff will maintain a working vegetable garden, in which ingredients will be used in the centre meals. This will teach children about how to care for their environment, add value and meaning to the cycle of food life and can learn about vegetables and fruit.

  • Children’s Birthdays will be celebrated with a cake (which is brought in by the child’s parents) and Sand Dunes will provide healthy party food options.

  • Parents or guardians will be advised of their child’s eating habits.

*Funds are available for the purchasing of nutrition resources to support on-going nutritional education



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