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Active movement policy

  • At Sand Dunes Early Learning Centre, we recognise the need to provide an environment that is challenging, encouraging and safe for our children who range in age from three months to five years.

  •  We recognise that movement and physical activity is important for all children to obtain health, development and growth and to extend on their skills and abilities; It is important for healthy brain development that children move.

  •  Physical activity helps children to become confidence and develop confidence to become an active participant in sport and recreation later in life. We endeavour to encourage a positive attitude towards being physically active and healthy.

  • We endeavour to incorporate movement into children’s lives in many different ways, including balancing to walking, tummy time to climbing.

  • We endeavour to incorporate movement through music, kapa haka, gymnastics, sports, games etc. from a variety of cultures on a daily basis.

  • We will ensure that all age and developmental groups have their needs met in terms of physical movement.

  • We will ensure that children three years and above are involved in moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least 10 to 20 minutes every day and that infants and toddlers are supported to explore movement through exploration, play and fun.

  • Staff will encourage and support children in extending their gross motor skills, loco motor, stability, and manipulative skills; this is valued as a core learning area in our daily programme. Physical activity is provided daily regardless of weather.

  • Staff role model physical activity and are committed to work in partnership with parents/ whanau and caregivers and encourage parents to contribute to the programme in regards to physical movement

  • The centre will make information available to parents on up and coming events on physical activity in our local community.

  • Teachers, parents, and caregivers will be encouraged to maintain and be involved in physical activities away from the centre.

  • Staff will keep up to date on current practices and research in relation to active moment and attend professional development when available.

  • Equipment will be kept to a high standard, stored safely and used on a daily basis.

  • Funds are allocated for the purchase of physical activity equipment.




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